Tips for a Successful out of State Move

Have you just accepted a career position in another state? Congratulations on taking the steps to build your career. It’s no doubt an exciting time and a time filled with anxiety. Whether you’re single or have a family, moving out of state involves a great deal of planning, change and certainly a very long ‘to-do’ list. Follow these recommendations from the professional movers and your transition is sure to go off without a hitch.

The first step is to check with your employer on the relocation policy and allowances. Many large companies have discounts established with the larger moving companies and hire real estate agents to provide relocation services. The relocation experts can provide access to a wealth of information and service providers in your new location. Take advantage of these offers as they will certainly make an out of state move easier. While you might be pressed for time, one of the best uses of your time will be to clean out the attic, basement, garage and closets in your home to avoid unnecessarily moving items that will only be discarded upon arrival. Make arrangements for medical records to be transferred, school records to be transferred, mail forwarding, banking transfers as well as boarding and transport of pets. Electric, cable, insurance and household services will also need to be cancelled prior to your departure.

If you are moving into temporary housing, you will need to make arrangements to store your household items. After you have purchased your new home, you can begin to make arrangements and provides dates for your items to be moved to your new location. If you are in temporary housing in a urban area, one of the easiest modes of transportation is with hourly car rentals. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon and join Zipcar. These membership plans and hourly rates can be substantially cheaper than car rentals, taxis or private driving services. It will also help you learn to navigate your new city.  Within a few short months you will be settled in and begin to call your new state your new home. Best of luck to you!