Places You Should Visit In England

Royalty! This is the first thing that might pop into your mind when you think about England. Yes, it does house the world’s richest and most popular royal family, but that’s not all there is to England. From small thatched villages to museums and royal castles, England can offer you almost anything that you might want. Don’t believe me? Well why don’t you take a trip to England and find out for yourself. (And here’s a pro travel tip: Save your money and just Buy British Airways Miles when you travel). So if you plan to come to England, here’s a list of places you should definitely go to:

1. The London Eye, London:
Big fan of panoramic views? Then this is the place for you to go to. This exaggeration of a Ferris wheel literally takes you on the ride of your life. Taking you to a height of 440 feet, the London Eye gives you a look at the whole of London city along with its everyday hustle and bustle. The passenger capsules which carry you up are made of glass thus providing you with the opportunity to have a great 360 degree view of everything. What more do you want?

2. The City Of Bath:
You know how they say that good things come in small packages? Well, the city of Bath is the perfect example of this situation. Though small, this city still has a lot of things to offer to its tourists. The Romanian baths, after which this city is named, are the perfect place to relax if you’re looking into getting away from everything. That combined with the Georgian Townhouses all around town will give you the lightheaded experience that you’re looking for.

3. The Buckingham Palace, London:
One of the few palaces that are in working condition till today, The Buckingham Palace will give you the chance to take a look at the Queen’s guard all dickered out in their finest red and black livery. Do they really not move no matter what happens? Well why don’t you go yourself and find out.

4. The Tower Of London:
The Tower of London is basically a historic castle that is located on the north bank of the river Thames. This tower of London houses the largest diamond in the world, so even if you’re not a big fan of heights or castles I would still suggest you go there to get a good look at that beauty.

5. The Stonehenge, Salisbury:
This historical monument located in Wiltshire is popular for its apocalyptic description in pop culture. This ring of stones has so many theories about its origin that hearing them alone wants you to go and see what all the mystery is about. And once you go there, you will be spellbound. That I promise. So plan your trip to the Stonehenge now and just remember that in order to save money all you have to do is Buy British Airways Miles


Why You Should Take Your Team For Outing

We are living in the world where competition is at its peak. In today’s corporate world, everyone is just busy to do his/her best. Amid all this, we forget to pamper our mind and get frustrated easily. In this context, you must take advantage of an outing.

These days a corporate outing is high in demand among the employees to serve the greater comfort to their employees.

Where To Go For Spending Memorable Outing – Here, we are going to add the name of the prominent places which you must not skip if wish to have a memorable experience in respect of Corporate team outing Bangalore.

• Bheemeshwari – There is another lovely place to enjoy a number of things called Bheemeshwari. Every year a number of employers come for the Corporate team outing Bangalore to get oozed with the great experience. It is surrounded by the lovely mountains and sparkling rivers. It means there is a lot to enjoy. Those who have the great interest in nature and do not wish to skip any chance to become a nature sucker must choose it. It is pretty much beautiful and a perfect place to get loaded with the tranquillity of the mind.

• Savandurga – If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy a wide array of adventures then you are at the right place. Here, you can enjoy various things.

• Manchinbele – It is just a lovely place to choose. There is a number opportunity to jazz up your own mood like various kinds of adventure activities, team building, water sports. It is not situated at a distance. You can reach here easily.

• Doddamakali – This place comes with a number of options to add a spark to your journey. Here, you can enjoy various things like bird watching, camping, adventure, fishing, trekking, enjoying coracle rides etc.

What About The Ideas To Make Your Outing Memorable
There are a number of ideas to make you are outing outstanding like mystery dinner, Room Escape Games, Kayaking Canoeing, Trampoline Parks, Kart Racing, Laser Tag, Cooking Class and much more in this list. You just need to choose some of the best activities to enjoy without getting confused.

Why Should You Go For Corporate Team Outing – There would be many of you having no knowledge that why should you schedule a team outing. If you are one of them then you must go ahead to go through these points mentioned below.

• First, it is a great way to get oozed with the new energy since whenever you go outside it helps you to get relaxed

• It makes easy to go along with other employees. Actually, it breaks the ice between employees.

• It helps to understand other points of view in a direct way. When you get indulged in various activities which required to play in a team. In this context, you come to know that how to go along with others

• It builds up understanding between the employees.

• It makes the employees stay connected with you longer.


Visit Universal Studio on LA

Most of us have an inner movie geek, who comes out at the name of our favorite movie. For me that happens every time someone mentions the words Harry and Potter in the same sentence. But regardless of that, even if you’re not a big movie fan, Universal Studios can still provide you with a lot of entertainment. The place is a fiction heaven to be honest. Here’s what you should do if you go to Universal Studios. (Oh if you’re going to fly there, make sure you look into offers from Virgin Atlantic Flying Club).

1. Take a studio trip

The Universal Studios at LA provides you with the facility to take a tour of the whole set and see with your own eyes how movies are made. You can see live action shooting while on the tour along with remnants of old movie sets that have been long abandoned but work as tourist attractions now. Scattered across the studio are several souvenir shops which provide with a wide variety of things to buy from based on your favorite movie.

2. Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Even if you’re not a big fan of Harry Potter, this place is still highly recommended. You get to take a step out of your normal life and step into a world filled with magic, even though that’s for a really short amount of time. You get to buy Wizarding robes and wands and have snacks at the famed ‘honey dukes’. These and so many other souvenirs of the Harry Potter world are also available here. So not only can you enjoy it there, you can also take home the memories that you made. And if you don’t like anything, just sit on the Hogwart’s Express and run away!!How exciting is that!

3. The Theme Rides

Universal Studios offers a lot of themed rides. One of the most popular themed rides is the Despicable Me Minion Mayhem, a minion themed ride which is visualized in a set similar to the house of the main protagonists of the Minion films – Gru and his three daughters. This is a motion ride and allows its rider to get the full experience of living among the minions. Because the que for this ride tend to be quite long, people are given profile information of different characters and different quizzes to help pass the time.

4. The Jurassic Park Ride

This ride is literally a roller coaster of emotions. It will first take you up top to meet the 50foot T-Rex that started it all and then bring you way down and into the wild waterfall. One thing is for sure, if you go on this ride you are bound to get drenched, so make sure you’re ready for that when you sit on this ride.


All You Need To Know About Sleepy Towns

Oh lush snowy winters! All they make you want to do is sit in a cozy sofa surrounded by a warm blanket and drink a cup of coffee while gazing out of the window at the snowy abyss. If you are a person who likes curling up into warmth like this then we have the perfect locations for you to enjoy your vacations at. These sleepy little towns hidden away in different countries are places you don’t normally here about. But listen to us when we say that once you visit these places you will definitely end up falling in love with them. So without further ado, here is our list of cozy little towns that you should visit during Christmas holidays. Oh and here’s an extra travel tip, Buy Frequent Flyer Miles Accounts and save a lot of airfare money.

1. Germany:
Rothenburg in Germany is a small town that will literally take you back in time. The decorations and setup of this town is medieval in the best of ways. There are hanging baskets in the windows and colorful gardens combined with spectacular churches that have some amazing architecture.

2. Slovenia:
The small town of Bled is a cozy little placed tucked away near the lake. The scenery here is beautiful, the lake water emerald green and the architecture medieval. This warm little town also has a castle perched atop the cliff, looking at which will make you feel like this was literally taken out from your favorite fairy tale. Activities such as hiking, canoeing, biking and trekking are available for you along with some water sports as well.

3. Spain:
The town of Albarracin is literally on top of a mountain above the Rio Guadalaviar in Teruel, Spain. Here you’ll find timber houses and fortresses combined with maze like streets. The stony buildings here are said to pre-historic and are quite entertaining for someone who has an avid interest in archeology.

4. France:
Dinan is a small and beautiful walled town in Brittany and it is surrounded by the Rance River. The views here make it feel all the more cozy and homely. The classic French food served at the town’s restaurants is an added bonus as well. So satisfy your inner foodie and romantic and visit this place today!

5. Vietnam:
After the war, it does seem unbelievable that Vietnam may have anything safely tucked away but you’ll be surprised. The Hoi An located in the center of Qang Nam province is actually very preserved. It still has old houses of Japanese merchants, huge Chinese temples and tea warehouses as well. This city has made it to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

6. Italy:
The city of Positano located in Italy is very popular because it has gained a lot of coverage in the form of movies and books. This sleepy place has small houses of bright colors of white, pink and yellow and is surrounded by the deep blue water of the Mediterranean Sea. All of this sure does make one want to visit the place. So plan your trip to Italy today and don’t forget to, Buy Frequent Flyer Miles Accounts if you want to save your money